Tuffi-IMD: Our Background & Mission
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We aim to provide our customers with good quality products and services in a timely, consistent and efficient manner and
in accordance to international standards.
Our Mission
In early 1995 IMD started production in a small workshop with an
initial crew of 5 to provide leather upholstery to the automotive industry.

The auto leather business was on the up trend then and Tuffi Pte Ltd
(better known as the Tuff-Kote People) wanted to enter this business.

In August 1995 Tuffi bought over 70% of IMD and with Tuffi’s market
and financial support, IMD grew to a professional set-up of 100
employees and a production capacity of 1500 cars per month.

ISO 9001 certification was achieved in 2003 and sets were
exported to Brunei, UK, Australia and USA.

In 2006, the company suffered losses and in 2007, Tuffi took over
100% of the IMD Company.

The company’s name has been changed to Tuffi-IMD to identify
itself with the Tuffi Group in totality in customer confidence, quality,
service and the standards of Tuffi, a well-known established brand
in the auto-business in the region.

Operations have been restructured for synergy, productivity
and customer service standards as well as the company’s quality
image to the auto-industry to fit and match that of the Tuffi group.

To our customers, we thank you for your support and business
and hope to continue to serve you better under Tuffi-IMD.
Our Background