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Tuffi Tech represents Dinol AB, Sweden,
supplying anti-corrosion inhibiting compounds
(CIC) and application equipment for Aviation
Automotive Aftermarket, Bus and Truck
industry, Marine and other industries for
countries of New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand,
Taiwan, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Sri Lanka,
Hong Kong, and China.

The Dinol systems offer comprehensive and
highly efficient solutions to the automotive,
industrial, marine and commercial industries.
They are applicable in the
following areas:

   •   Corrosion prevention
   •   Vehicle glass replacement bonding
   •   Vehicle body repair and car care
   •   Structural bonding and sealing
   •   Crack detectors

The high quality systems of DINOL comprise:

   •   Products manual
   •   Equipment
   •   Warranty systems
   •   Spraying diagrams
   •   Training and education programmes