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Dinitrol 3850 provides
long term protection
and is resistant to
abrasion. It is a heavy-
duty product having a
waxy film.
Dinitrol 975 is a water
based temporary
corrosion prevention
fluid, providing a long-
term protection.
Dinitrol 25B provides to
metal parts that have been
processed in or exposed
to water emulsifying
cutting fluid during surface
treatment processes. This
product has good water
displacing properties.
Dinitrol 510 is a water-
borne fluid, that prevents
corrosion on steel and iron
submerged in water.
SIM Crack Detector
Inside the mast
Platform of a Building
Maintenance Unit (BMU)
The mast can be over 20m
high and the bom 40m long
Clean the surfaces of parts
to be examined thoroughly
of oil and other greasy
pollutions with SIM Cleaner
and dry carefully afterwards.
Shake SIM Developer
vigorously, until the balls
are heard clearly, and apply
a thin, even layer. Too thick
a layer entails vague
Apply SIM Indicator generously
on the surfaces of the parts by
dipping, brushing, or spraying.
After 5-10 minutes’ exposure,
remove the bulk of indicator
and the remainder with SIM
cleaner or water. Wipe parts
clean. Leave the cleaner in
contact with the parts for as
short a time as possible, not
more than 2 minutes.
A few seconds after the
application of SIM Developer,
defects on the surface, if any,
begin to appear. The indication
gradually increases in intensity
and is definitive after about 10
minutes. In certain cases a
somewhat longer developing
time is required.