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Tuffi Build Pte Ltd belongs to the Tuffi Group of Companies. The Group’s original business started in 1974 with the well-
known Tuff-Kote Dinol Rustproofing System for cars and Dinitrol Anti-Corrosion for Aviation and other Industrial applications.

It was therefore normal to extend the Anti-Corrosion expertise to Building and Construction. Hence, Tuffi Build Pte Ltd was
born in 1980, concentrating on anti-corrosion, waterproofing, concrete repairs, etc. for Building and Construction.

Many structures and equipment were protected against corrosion. These includes cargo trucks, transformers, water tanks,
pipings, forklifts, etc.

Roofs and walls of old buildings like Macdonald House, Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore Science Centre, Parkway East
Hospital formerly known as East Shore Hospital, Thong Sia Building, buildings belonging to CAAS, HDB, PWD, PSA, and
many others were protected.

In 1993, we expanded into building maintenance, A&A works, and new construction with PWD Projects.

By 1999, we became a G5 company with a good reputation and capability to handle sensitive locations such as the Istana,
Treasury Building, Refineries, Hotels, Showrooms, etc., including the conversion of the German/France Institute to the
Pioneer Junior College, under a very tight schedule.

Today, we are a B2 company. Our reputation and reliability in the Construction Industry are the result of our 4-way
concept. Attached are project references for your evaluation and a quick market survey will convince you of our reputation
and commitment.