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Our Services

Tuffi Build provides complete construction related services as follows:

  •   New construction and A + A works - (BCA CW01-B2)
  •   Waterproofing specialist, with a complete range of systems - (BCA CR13-L4)
  •   Specialized in repairs of leaking roofs, walls, skylights, anti-algae coatings,
      corrosion problems, chemical resistant, floor coatings, etc.

Our 4-way concept:

  •   Expertise
  •   Products
  •   Application
  •   Project management

Our Products


Flexible cement based coating for:

  •   Waterproof protection for concrete and rendering, including backgrounds with fine cracks
  •   Renewal of waterproofing on existing tile floors without removal of the existing surface

Tested and proven:

  •   Algae resistance tests (Sisir Test SS345)
  •   Tropical chamber tests (ASTM-3273-73T by Buckman Lab Inc. U.S.A.)
  •   Waterproofing tests (SETSCO, Singapore)
  •   Water vapour transmission tests (ASTM E96 Dept of Defence, Aust)
  •   Coastal, industrial and tropical atmosphere exposure tests
  •   (GPC-C-29, Circl Dept of Housing and Construction, Aust)
  •   Pressure and air tightness tests (Detnorske Veritas, Singapore)
  •   Proven in Singapore climate for more than ten years

  •   Under the action of air moisture, the product gives an elastomeric material with a shore
      hardness of approximately 25 at 20 degrees celcius
  •   Emifimastic Pu Lm can be used for sealing different substrates in the building industry
  •   It adheres very well without primer on glass, aluminium, lacquered metal polyester,
      woods, etc.
  •   Treated by SNJF. The National Institute for Joints and Wall Curtains
  •   Tested by CEBTP as a sealant for building construction        
 1. Non walking on flat roofs
 2. Metal decks
 3. Roof Gardens
 4. Parkings
 5. Re-roofings
 6. Pitched roofs
 7. Under-roof tiles
 8. Curved roofs
 9. Foundations
10. Seismic foundations
11. Dampness
12. Details
13. Tunnels and subways
14. Bridges and viaducts
15. Hydraulic works
16. Walking on flat roofs
Site inspection

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Installation warranty

Proven track record
With an anti-algae, UV. resistant, anti-carbonation & decorative finish

With a long life, proven water proof liquid membrane