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Tuff Clad Pte Ltd started in 1974 by the Shu Brothers, Sunny and Robert Shu; when
they obtained the Tuff-Kote Dinol franchise to offer rust protection for cars in Singapore.

The sound and effective marketing strategies adopted by the Shu Brothers saw this rust
proofing business growing at a compound rate of 100% per year. By 1975 Tuffi’s
territories expanded to include Indonesia and Thailand, followed by Malaysia and Brunei.
Quite a remarkable achievement within 4 years of obtaining the first franchise.

To keep the local and overseas businesses separate, Tuffi Pte Ltd was set up in 1975 to
manage the overseas operations. Country distributors were appointed to operate the Tuff-
Kote Dinol centres. Tuffi also provide support in the areas of marketing, technical and
sales training of the Tuff Kote Dinol centres.

In 1979, Tuffi was listed by Tuff-Kote Dinol headquarters to take over their operations in
Taiwan. Under the helm of the Shu Brothers, Tuff-Kote Dinol Taiwan’s business expanded
to include the rust proofing business at Car Manufacturer level, supplying semi-automatic
equipment to Yue Loong (Nissan cars), Ford Lio Ho and in recent years, Ching Chung
Motor (VW). In addition, our Taiwan office is rustproofing Mitsubishi cars at Mitsubishi PDI

For the past 30 years, the Shu Brothers and Dinol AB, the manufacturer of Dinitrol and Tuff-
Kote Dinol products have developed very close and mutually beneficial relationships.

When Dinol AB was taken over by EMS-TOGO AG, Tuffi’s range of products expanded to
include Automotive Aftermarket, bus and truck products. The car manufacturers’ approval of
EMS-TOGO Direct Glazing PU products in Europe enabled Tuffi to capture a big market
share in the Automotive Aftermarket industry.

With the recent acquisition of PYRMO GmbH by Dinol AB, Tuffi’s product range is further
enhanced to include cleaners, fillers, polishers, etc.

Tuff Clad’s business in Singapore has evolved over the years to provide a complete car care
solution to not only car owners, but the car distributors/agents as well. Its services include,
pre-delivery inspection works, body repairs, and spray painting with the latest oven-baked
techniques and paints.

Tuff Clad also provides special corrosion resistant linings and coatings to (special
application-vehicles) namely, military vehicles, fire engines, offshore vehicles, forklifts,
garbage trucks, etc. Besides this, it also offers corrosion prevention program contracts for
old military trucks and vehicles.

Tuff Clad is also the authorized windscreen replacement specialist for a few renowned
insurance companies and it also handle motor accident claims.

Besides the rustproofing and corrosion protection businesses, Tuffi’s name is also associated
with the business of mechanical packings and seals in the local market. Tuffi Mechanical Pte
Ltd was incorporated in 1979, to handle the German brand, Merkel, renowned for its moulded
heavy-duty hydraulic seals.

To penetrate further into the hydraulic seals business, Tuffi’s seal manufacturing facility was set
up in 1993. Tuffi Mechanical supplies both to end-users and stockists of seals.

Tuffi Build Pte Ltd was set up to provide the building construction industry with related
specialized services in the A + A works, waterproofing solutions, anti algae coatings, corrosion
problems, floor coatings, etc.